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6 Aspects To Inspect While Hiring Asphalt Paving Contractor

There are many aspects that influence the outcome and cost of the asphalt paving in NJ. whether you add an asphalt pad, a parking lot or want to resurface the asphalt driveway, these add to the value of your place. Reinventing a property isn’t done just by renovating your commercial building but also repairing cracked asphalt and potholes from the driveway and parking lot.

Whether you want to construct a new paving project or revamp the existing one, it is important to ensure that the paving is done properly. And to make that happen, you need the services of reputed asphalt driveway contractors. Following tips can help you make an informed decision in choosing the right paving contracto


The paving company should be insured and bonded. Otherwise if anyone gets hurt, their expense would be your responsibility. The liability should be of the paving contractor. So make sure they have enough insurance to cover the expense of their workers.


The company should have a valid license from the State. Check their Better Business Bureau Accreditation. Make sure that they have A+ rating or similar high rating. Opting for the best always offers better surety that your paving project goes well.


Trade journals and rating of their work on company’s website can be illuminate you about their work standards. Word of mouth from your friends and acquaintances is another way of getting to know about. Also look for testimonials at their website. You can know a lot about any paving company from their website including the kind of technology they use and the array of services they provide.


Now that you have checked the ratings and reviews, what’s next? Another area where the paving company can pinch pennies is insufficient crew and old equipment. This can be problematic for your paving project as it would not only slow down your project, but it can also lead to inferior quality work. Quality equipment is really important as asphalt needs to be laid down at three hundred degrees in a quick pace. This prevents cracks and fine lines in the asphalt. Crew should be at least five to eight people, working quickly to lay down asphalt before it dries and tightens inappropriately on the pavement.


Get multiple quotes for the paving project. This can help you get an idea about warranty, price and time limit to finish the project. Rank the quotes on the professionalism of the firm, charges, crew, technology and materials of the project. Are all the paving contractors offering the asphalt mix of same grade or is there difference in quantity and the type of asphalt. What is the thickness of the asphalt pavement they are offering?


Get a written detailed contract for the paving project. Before offering them any down payment, ask them to write down the conditions and all the agreed terms. The total job cost, payment terms, materials and their grade, size of area to be paved, additional taxes, warranty, and the terms and conditions of their company should be included in the contract.

Some initial effort on your part to select a suitable paving company can bear fruit as a well constructed pavement without any glitches in it.

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