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The Ultimate Guide to ADA Compliance: Using the ADA Standards (Chapter 1)

As part of our new series, “The Ultimate Guide to ADA Compliance,” the paving and site development experts at East Coast Paving will be reviewing the five chapters from the 2010 ADA Standards issued by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Department of Transportation (DOT). This blog will cover chapter 1: Using the ADA Standards.

Throughout this educational series, we will be addressing many frequently asked questions about facility ADA standards to help property owners and business owners achieve ADA compliance and reduce liabilities.

What Facilities Are Subject to ADA Standards?

As issued under the Americans with Disabilities Act, the ADA standards apply nationwide for all new sitework construction or altered facilities. These include ADA requirements for commercial buildings (such as office buildings, warehouses and manufacturing plants), state and local government facilities (such as schools, hospitals and courthouses), places of public accommodation (such as restaurants, museums and lodging) and transportation facilities (such as bus stops and rail stations).

ADA accessibility exemptions that are not subject to the ADA standards include religious organizations and private clubs.

How are the ADA Standards Enforced?

Under a national civil rights law, ADA Standards for building design and construction are regulated by state and local jurisdictions. While local building departments can waive certain building code requirements, ADA standards cannot be waived. Often enforced through investigations of complaints filed with federal agencies, entities are ultimately responsible for ensuring accessibility standards in all new construction and alterations.

Can I Apply for the ADA Certification of State and Local Accessibility Requirements?

As a voluntary process, public accommodations and commercial facilities can be certified as meeting or exceeding the ADA Standards based on state and local code requirements. More information on ADA state code certification is available at

What else is Covered in ADA Standards Chapter 1: Application and Administration?

Similar to most building requirements and codes, the Department of Justice and the Department of Transportation ADA Standards apply to certain built-in and fixed furnishings and equipment (such as ramps and platform lifts) and technical specifications for building elements (such as ramp handrails.

Construction and manufacturing tolerances, although unintended, are permitted to an extent which is why many dimensions throughout the ADA standards are expressed as a range rather than an absolute to allow room for minor deviations.

How Do I Achieve the ADA Standards?

Serving clients in New Jersey, New York and Eastern Pennsylvania, the experienced professionals at East Coast Paving and Site Development are prepared to help you achieve ADA standards including ADA line striping, curb ramps, signage, ADA sidewalks and walkways, and detectable warning surfaces. 

For additional questions about ADA compliance, contact the paving experts at East Coast Paving and Site Development at 732-329-3600 or email

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