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Asphalt Sealcoating Services For Prolonged Lifespan Of Paving

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

Asphalt paving can undergo a lot of wear and tear and can go on for decades if regular maintenance is done in a timely manner. The asphalt parking lots and driveways go through a lot of brunt from the traffic. The damaging effects can be controlled with proper measures so that asphalt doesn’t get affected by the destructive effects of harsh weather elements.

The sun and rain and other elements result in the oxidation of asphalt which leads to the formation of cracks. Investing in asphalt sealcoating services, you can form a solid protection layer over the asphalt surface, thus, elongating the life span further.


i.) Sealcoating is a method of the application of bituminous liquid mixture over the asphalt surface to make it more strong and resilient.

ii.) This protects the asphalt paving from harmful chemicals and gasoline that spills from the automobiles.


It is important to sealcoat the asphalt paving after every three years, otherwise, unnecessary repair cost would keep on adding up and you would have to resurface the paving every seven years.


Good Appearance:

The asphalt paving can look dull and faded and a non sealcoated asphalt paving can undergo a lot of damage including developing fine lines and potholes. This can also make the paving look ramshackled. Adding a sealcoating can add a different lustre, bringing a clean feel to the paving.

Reduced Repair Costs:

The UV rays from the sun can be really deteriorating without sealcoating acting as a barrier for the paving. The effect of the UV rays would get relatively minimized and the asphalt paving can be the safeguarded from getting damaged, consequently saving thousands of bucks for extensive repair.

Blocks Water Penetration:

Sealcoating is a weatherproof agent that allows the asphalt surface to withstand the snow and rain. Without the sealcoating, water can seep through the pores of the asphalt and cause damage. Also the materials present in the sealcoating help to melt the snow faster.

Prevents Oxidation Of Asphalt:

The binders and the oils in the asphalt dry out in the sun, making it strong and brittle, thus, preventing the fine lines and cracks in the pavement. The strong layer of the binder saves the pavement from getting damaged.

Extended Lifespan:

If you wish to extend the lifespan of the pavement, then it is essential to engage a contractor for sealcoating services. Proper maintenance of asphalt surface always lengthens the lifespan of the pavement.

Life Expectancy:

The life expectancy of the asphalt paving is just six or seven years, if you fail to do the regular preventive action. On the other hand, the life of pavement can prolong from ten to fifteen years and it can undergo maximum exposure without getting affected by it. The heavy load of traffic, water drainage, grease, petroleum and road salt are some of the factors which have adverse effect.

In short, the preventive measure like sealcoating of the asphalt paving can slow oxidation, enhance the aesthetic appeal, and stop the penetration of water and save it from deteriorating faster.

Advantages Of Using Asphalt For Commercial Paving

The professional paving companies in NJ can install park paving, walkways, driveways, and asphalt roads with the right tools and equipments making the asphalt paving last for a long time. It is best to hire the contractors that can finish your project in a timely way. Take free estimates from several paving companies and make sure that the quality of their workmanship is good. To ensure that, you can visit the sites where they have worked on the same project. That way you won’t have to redo the park paving using the services of some other company.

And using asphalt as the material for the park paving has its own advantages. Some of the advantages are as follows:


Asphalt paving has a strong foundation and good support that can act as a solid platform for the surface.

i. It has the support of soil underneath and with the mixture of mineral binds the paving and prevents the surface to wearing due to daily use of the paving.
ii. Broken stone is put in layers over the soil, over which the binder is poured to fill the space between base and the surface.


The eco-friendly feature of the asphalt makes it a very popular choice for pavements.

i. Asphalt can be recycled again and again and can be made from different recycled materials such as tyres, glass, etc.
ii. And with the right grade of asphalt, you can build a resilient paving that can last for years.


The asphalt paving can be preserved for decades by performing repair procedures now and then.

i. By scheduled seal coating, striping and filling of fine lines and cras when they appears can increase the lifespan of the asphalt paving.
ii. Asphalt is famous for handling stress and harsh weather elements better than concrete.


Asphalt is relatively cost effective than other materials.

i. It is easily available at reasonable prices and the repairs also are simple and cheap. All in all, this is very economical choice for paving on commercial properties.
ii. It does not wear easily in the excessive heat or cold and can withstand rain and snow.


Routine inspections done time to time and the preventive measures can help elongate the durability of asphalt. Otherwise, neglecting this, the entire asphalt paving has to be replaced. Some of the measures can control the damage before it escalates:

i. There is a technique of hot and cold patch procedure which takes over two hours. It is emptied into the cracked areas. The affected areas are removed to replace them with fresh asphalt patch.

ii. Depending on the severity of the asphalt condition, the cost of the repair can vary.

iii. The area is cleaned and leveled so that the asphalt paving can be put over the old paving. There are four different choices for the resurfacing of the old asphalt paving.

You should always hire an experienced asphalt contractor for the installation of the pavement and the consequent repair work. A credible contractor would go a long way in ensuring you get only the best work.

Benchmarks For Selecting An Asphalt Contractor For Parking Lots

There are many aspects that you have to consider when you want to add an asphalt pad, reinvent commercial parking lots or renovate your park parking. For revamping a paving in NJ or building a new one, you have select the asphalt contractors carefully. A big amount of success of a paving project depends on contractors.

Hiring them without making an informed decision can shorten the life of asphalt paving which is otherwise about twenty five years. With minor repair and maintenance, the driveway can last for a long time to come. Below are some suggestions that can help you make the right choice for selecting the ideal contractor:


i. What is the end product that you wish to achieve is something you should know before you start searching an asphalt contractor and engage their services for your paving project.

ii. Having a rough idea and some preferences can help you communicate better and have them understand and inspect it accordingly to give you their quotes.


i. If the contractor is enough experienced, then there would be less learning curve and they would complete the project in a quick and effectual way without slowing down your project.

ii. Inexperienced contractor always make mistakes and have inappropriate knowledge about parking lot installation.


i. The parking lot with a good sub-base can last for a long time resisting the erosion by bad weather and the daily load of heavy duty vehicles.

ii. However, the driveway with poor foundation won’t last long and would start developing potholes and cracks.


i. Be certain that a functional drainage system is installed that can dispose all the rainwater or snow frozen on the pavement.

ii. The water puddles left afterwards can ruin the parking lot or any other asphalt paving. So, discuss the issue of drainage installation with the contractor.


i. The paving contractor should be bonded and have insurance coverage in case any person gets hurt on your property during work.

ii.  The expense of the workers falls on the contractor if they have insurance for it.


i. The paving company should have advanced equipment and big crew. Having high quality equipment can help in laying the asphalt in 300 degrees very quickly.

ii.  This is done to protect the asphalt to develop fine lines that can later turn into cracks. The crew should be at least of eight people who can work the asphalt onto the surface quickly before it dries.

ii.  Get multiple quotes and compare them on the price, material, crew and equipment. This would establish a budget and duration along with the warranty period offered by the contractor.


i. Last but not the least after verifying everything about the contractor, you need to seal the deal with a contract.

ii.  The contract should be very detailed and have all the terms and conditions of the project along with the cost, grade of asphalt, area of the project, warranty, and installations.

Making efforts in the early stage would get you a well constructed parking lot without any glitches.

Asphalt Repair – Steps To Select The Right Paving Company

Asphalt paving is one of the most popular choices of pavement due to its resilience and low cost. But it does require repair from time to time. And when you want to repair the deteriorating sidewalks, driveway or parking lots, then employing a reputed asphalt paving company is a really prudent. Asphalt paving requires specific tools and methods which the paving services utilize to achieve the best results. The workmanship and the reputation of the company is more important than low prices.

Following are some points that you should consider while hiring an asphalt company for repair and maintenance work:


You should research properly for the selection process of the company.

i. Check out their website and various chat forums, and other platforms for the reputed companies in your area.

ii. Their website can give you an idea about their work along with the tools and techniques they use for the asphalt paving projects.


For your personal assessment, it is essential that you ask around friends and family who have used the services of asphalt contractor to know the quality of their services.

i. Ask the company to provide you with a portfolio about the work they have done with their previous clients.

ii. Interview the person in charge to know more about their work to ensure that the job performance is done with their best efforts and sincerity.


Check if the company has a permit to carry out the paving work in your area.

i. Make sure that they have insurance to cover the expense of their employees.

ii. This is a necessary for any paving company if you don’t want the liability to fall on your shoulders.


The equipments used by the asphalt company should be upto the standards set by the industry and the materials used for repair work should be of high quality. That would bring a good output for the asphalt repair and you could reap its benefits for the years to come.


The measurement of the area should be done correctly to get the quote estimate.

i. Some paving companies take the exact measurement in length and width during the paving area survey before the start of the project.

ii. On your part, you can take these measurements to various paving companies to get cost estimates from them.


Get an estimate and compare it with the rest of the companies you have interviewed.

i. If their rates seem standard, then get it in a written contract.

ii. The company should offer all inclusive services. Otherwise, you would be hiring different companies for different repair jobs.

iii. For the sake of convenience, hire the company that offers multiple paving repair services.

You should conduct a research to find the best paving company for your paving project. The reliability and experience of the paving contractor matters a lot. Asphalt paving repair seems like a simple work but requires special skillset that only an expert professional would have. Therefore, choose wisely and make an informed decision.

Qualities Of Paving Contractors You Should Look For

Hiring paving contractors in NJ can be challenging, considering there are many paving companies that offer the same services. So, how to know which paving service you should hire for your paving project ? Research the company to make sure that they have good experience and capability to handle the job.

Failing to do so can result in a poorly created paving that would require a lot of repair work in future costing you more bucks than you had bargained in the beginning of the paving project. It is crucial that you do a background check before you select paving contractors for any commercial project. While interviewing and getting estimates from different paving contractors, make sure that they fulfill the following benchmarks:


Though many contractors are honest and clear about their charging and work policies, there are some dishonest contractors that might try to resort to underhanded means to charge you more. Avoid the contractors who offer:

1. Cost estimates for needless work
2. Substandard or poor workmanship
3. Low quality materials
4. Initial false estimates


It is your duty to make sure that the work is done properly. So choosing a right contractor can go a long way in a successful paving project. Every contractor should provide you the basic information about themselves:

1. State license to work
2. Insurance certificates
3. Clients ratings and testimonials
4. References
5. Detailed portfolio with project pictures and work site info
6. Contract with details of the project
7. Written warranty with time period


A credible contractor would be able to offer you the basic info about this projects and certifications. Make sure to ask the contractor these questions to judge whether he is competent and can qualify for your business needs. The lowest cost price is not the best one. Reputation and the required qualification for the good quality work are more important factors.

Does the contractor has the right equipments, tools and technology used with the required industry standards?
1. The timeframe required to finish the paving project
2. Warranty /guarantee terms for the work
3. Management of traffic control during the ongoing work
4. Credibility and good rating for the previous work done
5. Qualified and certified crew members
6. The expertise and technical training of the crew
7. The estimated cost of the project


A reliable contractor in NJ would offer the best paving services by prioritizing the customer satisfaction above everything else.

1. The contractor would provide the most experienced staff members with the right experience and training.
2. Also, check out the website of the contractors for the relevant information about their company.
3. Are they listed in in BBB and do they have any accolades during the years, they have been in business.
4. Verify the price quotes with the other paving contractors. The contractor should offer services in standard prices.

Reputable paving contractors always want to develop a profitable long-term relationship with their clients. So no paving contractor would evade these basic questions. If they are not forthcoming, then it is better to hire someone else.

6 Aspects To Inspect While Hiring Asphalt Paving Contractor

There are many aspects that influence the outcome and cost of the asphalt paving in NJ. whether you add an asphalt pad, a parking lot or want to resurface the asphalt driveway, these add to the value of your place. Reinventing a property isn’t done just by renovating your commercial building but also repairing cracked asphalt and potholes from the driveway and parking lot.

Whether you want to construct a new paving project or revamp the existing one, it is important to ensure that the paving is done properly. And to make that happen, you need the services of reputed asphalt driveway contractors. Following tips can help you make an informed decision in choosing the right paving contracto


The paving company should be insured and bonded. Otherwise if anyone gets hurt, their expense would be your responsibility. The liability should be of the paving contractor. So make sure they have enough insurance to cover the expense of their workers.


The company should have a valid license from the State. Check their Better Business Bureau Accreditation. Make sure that they have A+ rating or similar high rating. Opting for the best always offers better surety that your paving project goes well.


Trade journals and rating of their work on company’s website can be illuminate you about their work standards. Word of mouth from your friends and acquaintances is another way of getting to know about. Also look for testimonials at their website. You can know a lot about any paving company from their website including the kind of technology they use and the array of services they provide.


Now that you have checked the ratings and reviews, what’s next? Another area where the paving company can pinch pennies is insufficient crew and old equipment. This can be problematic for your paving project as it would not only slow down your project, but it can also lead to inferior quality work. Quality equipment is really important as asphalt needs to be laid down at three hundred degrees in a quick pace. This prevents cracks and fine lines in the asphalt. Crew should be at least five to eight people, working quickly to lay down asphalt before it dries and tightens inappropriately on the pavement.


Get multiple quotes for the paving project. This can help you get an idea about warranty, price and time limit to finish the project. Rank the quotes on the professionalism of the firm, charges, crew, technology and materials of the project. Are all the paving contractors offering the asphalt mix of same grade or is there difference in quantity and the type of asphalt. What is the thickness of the asphalt pavement they are offering?


Get a written detailed contract for the paving project. Before offering them any down payment, ask them to write down the conditions and all the agreed terms. The total job cost, payment terms, materials and their grade, size of area to be paved, additional taxes, warranty, and the terms and conditions of their company should be included in the contract.

Some initial effort on your part to select a suitable paving company can bear fruit as a well constructed pavement without any glitches in it.

If you are in need of any commercial asphalt paving services for driveway or parking lots, feel free to call us at 732-329-3600 or Request a Quote Online.

Tips for Hiring The Right Snow Removal Contractor

Living in areas where there is a lot of snow in winters, having a contract with snow removal contractors in NJ can be an advantageous move. Not having worried about the snow jammed backyard, parking lot and walkways can be a reassuring.

Having a snow removal contract is a worthy investment which can facilitate the process of snow removal. Waiting until the snowfall has frozen the driveways and produced a blockage isn’t ideal. Many companies offer special snow removal service package with special rates that can vary from price per inch or from a particular landmark. So finding a reliable contractor before the full blown snowfall season has set in a smart thing to do.

Now you have decided to find a reputed contractor in advance, so what comes next. The process of finding a reliable contractor involves several factors including:

  1.  Checking if the company is registered by Better Business Bureau.
  2. Reviews from social media platforms and business listing on Google.

It is possible that some of the contractors are charging exorbitant price for the snow removal services while others are charging in moderation. The charges of the services should be :

  1. Based upon size of the area
  2. Layout of the area
  3. Number of hours worked

The services that are being provided by the contractor including the charges based on the flat rate or hourly rate, the timings they would come, and the discounts they would be providing.

Ask the company for a written agreement. This should include all the information of the person of contact for rescheduling or damage control. And what are the procedures if you want to terminate the contract.

The snow removal company should be insured and bonded against any liabilities that occurring during the work.

Commercial Milling Services For Smooth Pavements



Wondering whether or not you should hire commercial milling services in the New Jersey area? Well if you want well formed pavement without any irregularities, then the answer is yes. The process of milling is basically to separate the asphalt or concrete paving and systematic way to a certain depth which is decided beforehand. This process helps in leveling the drainage flow and eliminate the irregularities of the paving.


The milling process includes the following things :

  1. Re-establishing the existing curb
  2. Overlaying new concrete curb and gutter
  3. Removal of asphalt to a specified thickness

In all, in the milling process, the scarifying of pavement surface is done to a certain slope or depth before covering it with a new layer of the concrete or asphalt. After the overlay is completed, the entire pavement area is substituted. This is the best way to maintain the existing paving and minimizing the projection execution time.


There are several services in this area:

  1. Trench milling
  2. Reusing and recycling of the reclaimed asphalt pavement
  3. Profile milling
  4. Removal of Bridge surface
  5. Pavement removal


The main purpose of milling a pavement is to reduce or eliminate the unevenness or distress, resulting in a long lifespan of the pavement. It can be used to eliminate:

  1. Bleeding of asphalt to the road surface
  2. Raveling of concrete becoming separate from the binder
  3. Damage of paving due to accidents or fire
  4. Manipulate and change the road height or level
  5. Uneven paving surfaces such as bumps, swells and sags


While selecting a paving company, make sure that they have the right tools and machinery for doing the job. They should also have insurance to protect you from any liability expenses. Check their portfolio thoroughly.

Reliable Sitework Contractor For Timely Project Completion

What Is Sitework?

The sitework development consists of an array of services that are done when the building is under construction including landscaping, paving, clearing, excavation, and utility services. And this work requires someone who is experienced and skilled, so choosing sitework contractors should be done after carefully checking their qualifications.

Finding sitework development contractor in New Jersey can be a difficult task. So check out the internet and you will come upon different websites of site-work contractors. Following are some of the aspects that you to consider while hiring a construction contractor:


The site work construction if not done properly in the starting phase can cause serious issues in the future. They should be able to work on projects of both small and large scale. Go for experienced contractor who can work on number of site work services such as:

  1. Site lighting
  2. Site clearing
  3. Excavation
  4. Base grading or building pad preparation
  5. Retention of walls
  6. Retaining  or detaining basins
  7. Electrical trenching
  8. Concrete walls and curb building
  9. Concrete pads
  10. Landscaping
  11. Utility location and installing for sewer and water
  12. Storm drainage

Insured And Bonded:

The company that is insured and bonded can relieve you of any responsibility for the workers liability. Ensure that they have insurance enough to cover the medical expenses of their workers in case any unfortunate accident occurs.


The contractors should have license issued by the state. Do not hire the construction contractors who are not licensed. Check out the services of some other contractors and make a list of the potential contractors that match your criteria.

Flexible Schedule:

Your contractor should be able to work with you during a convenient time for yourself and their company. And if the locality is a heavy traffic one, then they should be willing to work off-hours for your convenience.

Make sure to set a deadline so that the site work is dragged for too long.

A Comprehensive Guide For Asphalt Parking Lot

An asphalt parking lot once built in a right way can last for about twenty years without needing much repair. With the help of commercial paving services in New Jersey, you can understand your project’s unique needs that need to be met and make the planning process easier and more efficient. Following are the few factors that you need to consider while having your asphalt parking lot built:

Water Damage Prevention:

The type of soil underneath the base stones, acts as a critical factor that can ensure that your parking lot lasts for a long time. The prevention of water intrusion is very important under the pavement. For that, drainage should be done away from the parking lot as water thaws and freezes which results in damaging the asphalt paving prematurely.

Sealcoating And Crack Repair:

The cracks in the asphalt paving lead to bigger pits and therefore destroy the pavement. The process of sealcoating should be done frequently to seal the crack and prevent the elements from oxidizing the surface of the asphalt. This maintenance should be done after few years. After the previous coating of sealing agents wears off, the new coating should be done to protect the bare pavement below the removed sealcoating.

Life Expectancy:

The life expectancy of the asphalt parking lot depends on many factors. The climate of the place, maintenance, traffic and the kind of vehicles frequenting the parking lot influence the life expectancy to a great extent. The parking lot made from asphalt can last for two to three decades, provided good maintenance is kept. Soil drainage, the soil type, the strong base, the techniques used during installation of the pavement are some of the other aspects which affects the durability of the parking lot.

Make sure to engage the services of a company which is licensed and insured to avoid having issues during the paving project.