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4 Ways NJ Paving Companies Can Save You Money

New Jersey has certainly had its share of weather-related impact on roads and parking lots in recent years. This past winter is certainly no exception, with heavy snowfalls, record low temperatures and northeast storms that battered coastal areas repeatedly, NJ paving companies have witnessed the effects.

All of these weather elements add up to stress and damage to your property, including asphalt surfaces that have taken a real beating from accumulating ice and snow, plus all the extra weight of snowplows and corrosive treatments such as salt and harsh chemicals.

Minimize the Expense of Asphalt Repairs

Understandably, many property owners are looking for ways to minimize the expense of asphalt repairs while still extending the life of their investment in paved surfaces. Experienced NJ asphalt paving companies, like East Coast Paving, can help you save money and prolong the use and life of your parking lots.

1. Maintenance Is Key

There’s an old saying: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This is certainly true when it comes to caring for paved surfaces.

Water and chemicals tend to find their way into the smallest cracks. With time, these small cracks transform into larger gaps and potholes in parking lots.

Regular inspections and sealing of any visible cracks, along with patching before you have larger problems, are important steps in properly maintaining asphalt.

Asphalt sealcoating with quality materials, done by experts, will also protect your parking lot for the long haul.

2. Resurfacing

Not all signs of wear and tear call for total replacement.

Resurfacing can be a very cost-effective alternative, when done properly by a reputable asphalt paving company.

Call in the experts at East Coast Paving to help you determine the best solution for your parking lot or roadway. This is a critical first step that can prevent many unnecessary, costly repairs.

3. Proper Installation

With so many choices when it comes to hiring a contractor and getting your asphalt repaired or replaced, it’s critical to do your research first. Make sure your chosen asphalt company has the experience, equipment, and personnel needed to do the job right, whether the project is large or small.

Evaluating potential paving companies in NJ will help you get the most for your money and ensure long-lasting results.

4. Use a Single Source

Dealing with multiple contractors can get complicated, lead to additional expenses, missed deadlines, and frustration in getting the project completed on time.

Instead, choose to work with a single source company who can carry the job from estimate to completion, including:

  1. Evaluation of your project needs and estimated cost – no surprises
  2. Project management with regular oversight of the work being performed
  3. Total management of personnel, equipment, and subcontractors
  4. Handle all aspects of the job including milling, resurfacing, asphalt repair and striping
  5. Single source for communication of progress and scheduled completion

As a leading paving company in NJ, East Coast Paving, our experience speaks for itself. With many years serving businesses in the region, we’re the experts in paving, milling, and sealcoating services. We guarantee quality throughout your project, for cost-effective paving solutions.

Contact us at 732-329-3600. We can handle all paving projects – large or small.

Is Asphalt Milling Right for Your Project? Consult in Paving and Milling Companies in NJ to Find Out

When it comes time to resurface paved surfaces, such as highways and parking lots, the first step to restoring them back to prime condition is to consult with top asphalt milling companies in NJ who can help you find the most cost-effective reconstruction solution.

Asphalt is a durable, long-lasting solution for new and replacement paved surfaces. But over time, even well-constructed roads and parking lots succumb to the effects of natural elements, traffic conditions, and normal wear.

Let’s find out if asphalt milling is right for your project.

What Is Pavement Milling?

Paving and milling companies utilize heavy-duty milling equipment that removes the upper level of asphalt. They’re then ground into small particles that are sent by conveyor into waiting dump trucks for transportation – usually to recycling facilities.

Milling machines can be set to remove just enough material to smooth the surface, or deep enough to remove more material, down to the subbase. By milling only the asphalt materials, curbs and gutters are not impacted by the resurfacing operation. This results in a smooth finished surface, at the lowest possible cost.

Once milling is completed, paving companies will apply a new top layer of asphalt that will bond permanently to the grooved surface generated by the milling operation. This restores curb appeal and creates a pavement product that is high quality and long-lasting.

Paving and milling companies in NJ can complete these projects in much less time than total pavement replacement, at a much lower cost. Milling machines are available to accommodate various project sizes from small residential jobs to complete highway and parking lot resurfacing.

Reasons Why Milling Is An Effective Paving Solution

Milling has many advantages over total pavement replacement:

  1. Eco-friendly Since milled material is recycled, it is environmentally responsible.
  2. Cost-effective – By removing only the amount of material necessary, jobs can be completed in less time, at a lower cost as compared to removing all pavement and subbase materials.
  3. Uniformity – Retain existing curbs and gutters, avoiding replacement of those items and providing uniform surfaces.
  4. Time-savings – Reduce time to project completion, using equipment that gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

Find Experienced Paving and Milling Companies NJ

Experienced asphalt paving companies in NJ can help you evaluate if milling is the right solution to your specific paving or resurfacing needs. Whether you need residential, commercial, or municipal reconstruction services, East Coast Paving can provide a full range of paving and milling services for projects of all sizes and complexities such as:

  1. Pavement removal to full depth
  2. Removal of bridge surfaces
  3. Recycling and reuse of milled asphalt materials
  4. Residential and commercial services including parking lots, city streets, and highways in NJ

East Coast Paving is a full-service paving and milling company in NJ. Rest assured, when you contract with East Coast Paving, you’ll receive start-to-finish satisfaction and professional, long-lasting results.

Contact us at 732-329-3600 for more detailed information or to get expert consultation on your next paving project.

It’s Time for Asphalt Paving in NJ

Temperatures are rising which means potholes are in full bloom on the streets and highways of NJ, including the parking lots of many businesses and municipalities. Now is the time to start thinking about patching, sealcoating, milling and asphalt paving in NJ.

Even for surfaces that appear to have survived the challenges of winter months relatively unscathed, attention to preventive maintenance and minor repairs can pay off in avoiding major repairs at a much higher cost.

What Creates Cracks and Potholes on Asphalt Surfaces?

It doesn’t take much water to seep into the smallest of cracks and wreak havoc on asphalt surfaces. Wear and tear from normal traffic patterns and heavy trucks can over time create these hardly-noticeable cracks.

But once the water gets in and winter weather takes over, it creates a pattern of freezing and thawing of the water, causing expansion and contraction effects.

Once these cycles take hold, your pavement can deteriorate rapidly from the rising and falling of chunks of asphalt, compounded by the exposure to snow removal equipment, road treatment chemicals, and normal traffic. Cracked surfaces quickly become large, damaging and even dangerous potholes.

Even where winter freezing is not a major factor, other natural conditions can weaken and crack asphalt, such as extreme heat and direct sunlight.

4 Ways to Avoid Major Asphalt Repairs

Thankfully, there are ways to minimize the damage to your parking lots and other asphalt surfaces, saving you money in major repairs and possibly protecting you from damage claims.

1. Do It Right the First Time

Asphalt is a highly durable, cost-effective surface choice for walks, roadways and parking lots. Using this material, installed by an experienced, qualified contractor, will ensure the longest life possible.

2. Keep it Clean

Sounds simple, but oil from vehicles, spills or other corrosive materials can damage the asphalt surface over time. Even standing water provides that extra opportunity for seeping into cracks or even getting underneath the pavement.

3. Sealing

Regular sealcoating is an excellent preventative step to reduce the impact of water or other materials that degrade your parking lot surface. This low-cost maintenance, combined with regular inspection and crack sealing, can extend the life of your investment considerably.

4. Proper Installation and Maintenance

Getting the most from your asphalt paving investment starts with professional installation. Get a long-lasting foundation, free from cracks and inferior materials, and you’ll save more in the long run, maintain curb appeal and enhance property values.

When you need asphalt repairs, be sure to engage a reputable, experienced NJ company to complete the job properly.

Asphalt Done Right

Choosing the right contractor for asphalt paving, milling, pothole repairs or sealcoating pays off by reducing the need for future repairs and extending the life of roadways and your parking lots. East Coast Paving has the expertise and experience you need for a successful project including:

  1. Estimating
  2. On-site management and an understanding of site development
  3. Collaboration with architects, engineers, and subcontractors
  4. Focus on customer satisfaction from project inception to completion

At East Coast Paving, we bring decades of experience in asphalt paving and milling to your project, ensuring close attention to quality, engineering, project management and cost-effective solutions. As a leading paving company in NJ, we can handle every job, large or small.

Contact us at 732-329-3600. Our paving professionals are ready to answer your questions and provide you with quality, long-lasting results.