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Commercial Paving

Commercial Paving and Site Work: The Full Package

Whether you’re building an apartment complex, a retail store or an office space, commercial paving and construction requires quite a lot of advanced preparation before the actual process of paving and construction can begin. Part of this includes preliminary work that is performed on-site with elements that are not part of the actual structure. This is referred to as site work.

Before Commercial Paving and Construction Comes Site Work

Site work covers the typical elements that must be considered before commercial paving and construction can take place.

  1. The first task performed is clearing the site. This may involve the demolition of existing structure, clearing landscaping, removing trees and hauling away other debris.
  2. New construction also requires a number of excavated trenches for features such as foundations, utility lines, septic tanks, swimming pools, and sewer lines.
  3. Site work also includes the excavation process, grading and paving of roadways, parking lots, walkways or other access roads and building a strong foundation.
  4. Depending on the architecture layout, it may also include the commercial paving necessary for retaining walls, storage buildings, and other detached structures.
  5. In addition, landscaping is also a part of commercial site work services. If a business requires a man-made berm, terraces or other landscaping features, this would need to be taken into consideration before commercial paving and construction can begin.
  6. And finally, as the construction process is complete, finish-grading will be performed to ensure proper drainage patterns, terrain will be prepared for planting vegetation like trees and hedges and site lighting will be installed.

Choosing the Best Commercial Paving and Site Work Contractor for the Job

Big or small, when you’re planning a new build you want to select a reliable commercial paving contractor with experience in performing site work. Often there are permits or inspections that must be secured prior to starting construction, so it’s wise to choose a company who is familiar with the appropriate codes and regulations in your jurisdiction.

You need a company who has the right equipment and that can offer the appropriate capacity to get the job done on time. A company like East Coast Paving.

At East Coast Paving, we offer all the site work you need, including: site clearing, mass excavation, soil stabilization, utility installation (water, storm & sewer), building pad preparation, concrete curbs and walks, concrete dolly pads, loading docks and equipment pads, electrical trenching, retaining walls, retention / detention basins, site lighting, and landscaping. And because we offer more than just commercial paving services, your project is more likely to stay on time and on budget.

Serving New Jersey, New York and Eastern Pennsylvania, East Coast Paving has the vast experience, equipment and expertise to deliver high-quality work. For more information, please contact the team at East Coast Paving at 732-329-3600 or today.


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