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Earthwork and Paving NJ Contractors for Soil Stabilization Solutions

Soil stabilization can be useful for many different kinds of applications. Used to alter soil to enhance physical properties, stabilization can increase the strength of the soil, control the shrink-swell properties and improve the load-bearing capacity. Proper design and testing is a vital component of any stabilization project which is why it’s imperative to seek the expert advice of earthwork and paving contractors in NJ first.

What is Soil Stabilization?

Used on paved roadways, parking lots, site development projects and any other scenario where sub-soils are not deemed suitable for heavy use. The process provides a cost-effective method to help improve the engineering properties of problematic soils.

By permanently altering the physical and chemical properties of soil, stabilization ultimately enhances the sheer strength of the soil and improves load-bearing capacity of a sub-grade to support load bearing capacity paving solutions and creates a strong, static foundation.

Earthwork and paving contractors can treat a wide range of subgrade materials for stabilization, ranging from expansive clays to granular materials. Common chemical additives used for this process include lime, fly-ash, coal fly ash, and cement.

Benefits of Using Earthwork and Paving Contractors NJ for Soil Stabilization Solutions

As leading earthwork and paving contractors in NJ, East Coast Paving can handle all your commercial construction project soil stabilization needs. Here are just a few benefits to consider:

Increase In Density

Swelling soil is commonly problematic, especially with clay, and can cause distress in foundations, parking lots and roadways. Stabilization process aids in compaction and improves the resistance values to help prevent erosion and landslides.


As a key consideration in new construction, it is also successful to repair failing foundations that need all-weather access.

Save Time and Money

Turning to professional earthwork and paving NJ contractors you can ensure you’ll receive proper design for a successful project from start to finish.  complications that come with multiple contractors. Get the most for your money and ensure long-lasting results with East Coast Paving.


When stabilized using the right additives, this process can preserve soil and waterways by preventing erosion and runoff.

Earthwork and Paving NJ Contractors You Can Trust: East Coast Paving

At East Coast Paving, our earthwork and paving NJ contractors offer industry-leading soil stabilization solutions for all size applications. Whether you need stabilization and mass excavation or site lighting and landscaping, we work directly with our clients to ensure every project is completed at the highest quality.

When you need earthwork and paving contractors you can trust, turn to East Coast Paving.  We provide services for commercial clients in New Jersey, New York or Eastern Pennsylvania. Contact East Coast Paving at 732-329-3600 or to learn more.

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