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Hire NJ Paving Contractors to Extend the Life of Your Asphalt Paving

New Jersey winters can be harsh.  With temperature fluctuations between summer-like heat and humidity and prolonged subfreezing cold, many businesses find their asphalt parking areas crumbling and cracking.  The smallest hair-line fissure can allow water intrusion beneath the pavement, setting the stage for potholes, cracks and other driving hazards.  But now that temperatures have risen and are stable, it is the perfect time to speak to NJ paving contractors about repairs and projects.

Proper Maintenance

Maintaining your parking areas and roadways is important to the success of your business.  Deteriorating pavement isn’t only unattractive but can also be costly.  With customers, clients, and transportation partners driving on your grounds, it is important to take steps to prevent vehicle damage.  If it happens on your business’s property, you can be sure that you’ll be responsible for the cost of a repair.

But staying on top of the condition of your property can be easy.  When you choose to work with one of New Jersey’s top paving contractors, you are making a sound investment in your property.  From repairs and resurfacing to full depth pavement reconstruction, improving your property will bring long-lasting benefits.

Pothole Repair

Our experience has told us that potholes have been particularly prevalent in recent years.  Aging pavement has been exposed to quickly changing weather and the fluctuations have caused water to expand and contract often.  The result: menacing pits and gaps in asphalt.  The unpredictability of these trouble spots can cause tremendous damage to an unsuspecting driver’s vehicle.  Cold patch material or stone fill that was used to mitigate the problem for the cold months is not going to provide long-term durability or protection from more water intrusion, so it is imperative that you take permanent steps to repair the hole.

It is also important to keep in mind that if a particular area of your property has had repeated problems, it might be time to bring in a commercial asphalt paver to diagnose the situation and create an engineering plan that doesn’t just cover up old mistakes, but actually addresses the cause of the troubles.  Often, a permanent solution need not involve a complete repaving, but rather an area-specific fix.  One of our professional engineers can provide a choice of solutions to meet your needs and fit your budget.

Milling and Resurfacing

In addition to fixing potholes, now’s a great time to perform milling and resurfacing on your asphalt spaces.  Bringing a clean, level, smooth finish to an older property can be the perfect facelift.  According to industry research, improving parking area pavement will result in higher customer traffic and increase property revenue.  It is no secret that resurfacing a parking area will improve perception of a property, but what you may not know is that it can also save you money.  A properly milled and resurfaced surface will require less street sweeping or maintenance.  There will be less pooling of rainwater and less water intrusion.  Proper asphalt prevents potholes and extends the functional life of the pavement.  A smooth, well-maintained paved area is also much easier to plow during the cold season, bringing your plowing costs down and reducing the amount of down time during winter weather.

Pavement Distress

Another common trouble spot after the winter are crumbling edges.  When asphalt pavement meets concrete or stone curbing, or even meets soft surfaces, like grass or landscaping, the surface can deteriorate. This is sometimes called pavement distress.  The result is unattractive and can lead to other issues.  A commercial pavement specialist can mitigate the causes of pavement distress during the spring and prevent further damage to the paved surfaces.

Hire Top NJ Paving Contractor

Now’s the time.  Contact a top New Jersey paving contractor and get your facility ready, not just for next winter, but for years to come. Call the experts at East Coast Paving at 732-329-3600 to get started on your next paving project.


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