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Asphalt Care

Prevent Distress with Asphalt Care

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Will Rogers

Customers can tell when a company takes pride in their building’s exterior (and are quick to recognize when they do not). By prioritizing asphalt care, your property will not only look nicer, but your parking lot will also last much longer (saving you money in the long run). Make a solid first impression and provide a safe environment for customers and employees by scheduling regular asphalt maintenance.

Remember, the first impression starts well before the handshake; it starts the minute people turn in a parking lot.

Schedule Asphalt Care to Impress Customers

“Two things remain irretrievable: time and a first impression.” Cynthia Ozick

An important component of your building’s curb appeal is the surface of your parking lot. Keeping your parking lot maintained helps to avoid potential complaints about vehicles being damaged by cracks or potholes, and prevent even bigger problems like trip and fall accidents.

And since customers have more choices on where to shop these days, it’s critical to keep current customers happy and impress prospective customers. Curb appeal isn’t just a trendy phrase. It’s the power of your business’ exterior to catch the eye of potential customers. A well-maintained exterior with top quality asphalt care can be the difference between a positive first impression and a negative one.

Commit to Asphalt Care to Increase Return on Investment

“If there is a better solution… find it.” Thomas Edison

The average lifespan of asphalt pavement is around 15-20 years. While the quality of the initial asphalt paving project and environmental factors can influence the overall length of time, proper maintenance and upkeep will significantly extend the asphalt’s lifespan. Not only that, but a safe, updated parking lot offers you the potential to boost property value and capture more customers, providing a great return on your investments.

Prevent Distress with Asphalt Care

Asphalt pavement can experience distress for several reasons, but deterioration from a lack of maintenance is one of the most notorious. Other causes include improper paver materials and operation, excessive traffic loading, environmental influences, temperature cycles, lack of support and drainage deficiencies.

Some common forms of pavement distress include: cracks; distortion; disintegration; skidding hazards; and surface treatment distress. Crack fill, pothole repair and asphalt sealcoating are all important components of parking lot maintenance services. And if these problems are addressed right away (when the issues are still small) the integrity of the asphalt will last much longer.

Reliable Asphalt Care

Whether you own one building or many, asphalt care should be top priority.

With decades of experience, East Coast Paving and Site Development has the expertise to ensure that each project is completed with customized solutions – and that it stays on budget. We are committed to providing preventative and corrective services. From asphalt paving to excavation, East Coast Paving and Site Development is the top source for all your commercial paving needs.

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