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Benchmarks For Selecting An Asphalt Contractor For Parking Lots

There are many aspects that you have to consider when you want to add an asphalt pad, reinvent commercial parking lots or renovate your park parking. For revamping a paving in NJ or building a new one, you have select the asphalt contractors carefully. A big amount of success of a paving project depends on contractors.

Hiring them without making an informed decision can shorten the life of asphalt paving which is otherwise about twenty five years. With minor repair and maintenance, the driveway can last for a long time to come. Below are some suggestions that can help you make the right choice for selecting the ideal contractor:


i. What is the end product that you wish to achieve is something you should know before you start searching an asphalt contractor and engage their services for your paving project.

ii. Having a rough idea and some preferences can help you communicate better and have them understand and inspect it accordingly to give you their quotes.


i. If the contractor is enough experienced, then there would be less learning curve and they would complete the project in a quick and effectual way without slowing down your project.

ii. Inexperienced contractor always make mistakes and have inappropriate knowledge about parking lot installation.


i. The parking lot with a good sub-base can last for a long time resisting the erosion by bad weather and the daily load of heavy duty vehicles.

ii. However, the driveway with poor foundation won’t last long and would start developing potholes and cracks.


i. Be certain that a functional drainage system is installed that can dispose all the rainwater or snow frozen on the pavement.

ii. The water puddles left afterwards can ruin the parking lot or any other asphalt paving. So, discuss the issue of drainage installation with the contractor.


i. The paving contractor should be bonded and have insurance coverage in case any person gets hurt on your property during work.

ii.  The expense of the workers falls on the contractor if they have insurance for it.


i. The paving company should have advanced equipment and big crew. Having high quality equipment can help in laying the asphalt in 300 degrees very quickly.

ii.  This is done to protect the asphalt to develop fine lines that can later turn into cracks. The crew should be at least of eight people who can work the asphalt onto the surface quickly before it dries.

ii.  Get multiple quotes and compare them on the price, material, crew and equipment. This would establish a budget and duration along with the warranty period offered by the contractor.


i. Last but not the least after verifying everything about the contractor, you need to seal the deal with a contract.

ii.  The contract should be very detailed and have all the terms and conditions of the project along with the cost, grade of asphalt, area of the project, warranty, and installations.

Making efforts in the early stage would get you a well constructed parking lot without any glitches.

Well Experienced Company For A Long-standing Paving

Whether you are looking for an asphalt paving, parking lot or a driveway paving in NJ, all these projects require someone very experienced and qualified to build them to last for a long time without any major maintenance. Choosing the contractor is vital if you want the paving project to be done correctly. Follow these benchmarks to choose the right paving company:

Multiple Quotes:

The best way to decipher which paving company you should choose from the sea of many companies in this industry is to get quotes on your project. It is ideal to check out some paving companies to ensure project inclusions, price and warranty. Set a time limit for the process of comparison. Rank them on the basis of professionalism, expertise, and charges. Also, make sure that they have the right tools and technology for doing the job done.


The best way to know the credibility and the reputation of the paving company is by word of mouth. Also, check their website out and see what kind of reviews and testimonials they have. And see local listing in the phone book. Make sure they provide you with a list of references.


If they have completed any work in the neighbourhood you live in, that is one of the most convenient way to check out their work in detail. How they handle the complaint forum and how long they have been working in this industry are some of the main factors you should not miss out. Don’t forget to ask them the relevant questions related to your paving project before you sign a deal with the paving company.

Many paving companies offer immediate service with the temptation of less charges for inferior work. So be careful, timing and fees are an important aspect but the paving made from less durable materials and poor workmanship never last for long. So, go for only a reliable company for a long lasting paving.