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5 Parking Lot Winter Preparation Tips

While winter may still seem a ways away, the jolly season will be here before we know it. Businesses must take the right steps now in regards to parking lot winter preparation to prevent pavement disasters and set themselves up for success come next spring.

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” ~Alexander Graham Bell

Snow and ice are among the most threatening elements of winter for parking lots; between heavy loads of snow, extreme cold temperatures and road salt, your pavement is put to the test. Here are a five ways you can prevent the common pitfalls caused by harsh winter weather.

Parking Lot Winter Preparation: Prepare for Cold Weather with Asphalt Repair

1. Block the Water.

Yes, water is essential for your landscaping, but it’s your parking lot’s worst enemy. While it’s still warm outside, inspect your parking lot and look for any cracks or holes. This notorious spot is often the first place that snow melts into the sub base which leads to the freeze-thaw cycle. When water freezes, it expands. When it melts, it contracts. Over time, this leads to alligator cracking and potholes.

2. Fall is for Repairs.

A formula for success, asphalt repairs help to prevent the relentless freeze-thaw cycle. Seal cracks and repair potholes so water won’t seep underneath the surface and compromise the sub-base.

3. Maintenance is Key.

Get more out of the money and time you invest in your commercial parking lot with a couple key pre-winter maintenance reminders. Clear parking lots of all debris to ensure nothing interferes with the wintertime snow removal process and remember to check drainage systems to ensure drains and manholes are flowing properly.

4. Sealcoat Asphalt for Ultimate Protection.

Beyond repairing potholes and filling cracks, sealcoating your asphalt will protect the entire parking lot from harsh winter weather elements. Plus, sealcoating will improve that sacred first impression, help to make your parking lot much less susceptible to bigger problems come spring, and even make your pavement last longer.

5. Think Ahead.

Your business operates all year round, that means your parking lot needs to look its best all year round. The Old Farmer’s Almanac Winter Weather Forecast 2017–2018 predicts that this winter is going to have above-normal levels of precipitation throughout the country, which will translate to equally above-normal amounts of snowfall in parts of the Northeast. Plan ahead by putting together a snow removal plan before the first storm hits.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ~Benjamin Franklin

East Coast Paving Parking Lot Winter Preparation Services

At East Coast Paving, our experts have seen it all. Servicing New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, we know the importance of parking lot winter preparation. Contact us today at 732-329-3600 to learn more about our techniques and commercial grade products that will give your asphalt an edge to guard against the winter elements.

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” ~Alan Lakein

Making a Strong First Impression: Asphalt Paving Maintenance for Your Shopping Center

Long before customers even walk in the door and interact with staff, your business has the chance to make a strong first impression. When people drive up to your shopping center, the first things they’ll notice will most likely be the exterior of your building, your curb appeal and of course, your parking lot. They’ll either see well-maintained pavement – or something that could drive them away (literally). One way to ensure the quality of your parking lot (and make a good impression) is to prioritize asphalt paving maintenance.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” ~Andrew Grant

Preventative Parking Lot Paving Maintenance

Regardless of the quality of your customer service, your parking lot speaks volumes about your business before you even get the chance to make a personal interaction. It’s critical to maintain aesthetically pleasing grounds to show you care about all the details- inside and out.

But asphalt paving maintenance for a shopping center not only makes a big difference on first impressions, it also delays expensive repairs from dangerous asphalt cracks and potholes.

At East Coast Paving, we offer preventative parking lot paving maintenance that will enhance curb appeal, increase property value and includes pothole repair, crack fill and sealcoating.

Pothole Repair

Notice a pothole? Smooth the way for customers and get it repaired right away before they’re forced to dodge cracked and damaged asphalt. Neglected parking lots can damage car tires, trip up customers, and a business could be liable.

Crack Fill

See a crack? Ensure your lot looks well cared for by using asphalt crack fill to stop the weeds from coming through. Prevent cracks and potholes from forming in the first place, turn to asphalt sealing to keep water out and extend the life of your pavement at the same time.

Asphalt Sealcoating

Has it been a while? Protect against the elements and keep asphalt resistance to cracks by scheduling routine sealcoating every three years. From corrosive chemicals, gas, UV rays and salt to aggressive snow plowing, the process of sealcoating slows down oxidation, extending the lifespan of your pavement. Plus, it gives a sharp renewed black finish for your parking lot, ready to make a solid first impression.

East Coast Paving Provides Shopping Center Asphalt Paving Maintenance in New Jersey

Cracks, potholes and other neglected paving repairs can reflect poorly on any retail space long before the customer has even stepped foot inside, and worse, could become a liability. Maintaining ADA compliance is critical from a legal and a customer service standpoint.

Wow customers with a strong first impression and take a proactive approach to maximize the life of your pavement with preventative maintenance. At East Coast Paving, we know all the ins and outs of parking lot regulations and provide shopping center asphalt paving maintenance services as well as pothole repairs, milling, snow and ice management, concrete sealing and sealcoating for big box retail stores, outlet malls, strip malls and more.

Contact us today for more information on commercial paving and site development.

Asphalt Sealcoating Services For Prolonged Lifespan Of Paving

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

Asphalt paving can undergo a lot of wear and tear and can go on for decades if regular maintenance is done in a timely manner. The asphalt parking lots and driveways go through a lot of brunt from the traffic. The damaging effects can be controlled with proper measures so that asphalt doesn’t get affected by the destructive effects of harsh weather elements.

The sun and rain and other elements result in the oxidation of asphalt which leads to the formation of cracks. Investing in asphalt sealcoating services, you can form a solid protection layer over the asphalt surface, thus, elongating the life span further.


i.) Sealcoating is a method of the application of bituminous liquid mixture over the asphalt surface to make it more strong and resilient.

ii.) This protects the asphalt paving from harmful chemicals and gasoline that spills from the automobiles.


It is important to sealcoat the asphalt paving after every three years, otherwise, unnecessary repair cost would keep on adding up and you would have to resurface the paving every seven years.


Good Appearance:

The asphalt paving can look dull and faded and a non sealcoated asphalt paving can undergo a lot of damage including developing fine lines and potholes. This can also make the paving look ramshackled. Adding a sealcoating can add a different lustre, bringing a clean feel to the paving.

Reduced Repair Costs:

The UV rays from the sun can be really deteriorating without sealcoating acting as a barrier for the paving. The effect of the UV rays would get relatively minimized and the asphalt paving can be the safeguarded from getting damaged, consequently saving thousands of bucks for extensive repair.

Blocks Water Penetration:

Sealcoating is a weatherproof agent that allows the asphalt surface to withstand the snow and rain. Without the sealcoating, water can seep through the pores of the asphalt and cause damage. Also the materials present in the sealcoating help to melt the snow faster.

Prevents Oxidation Of Asphalt:

The binders and the oils in the asphalt dry out in the sun, making it strong and brittle, thus, preventing the fine lines and cracks in the pavement. The strong layer of the binder saves the pavement from getting damaged.

Extended Lifespan:

If you wish to extend the lifespan of the pavement, then it is essential to engage a contractor for sealcoating services. Proper maintenance of asphalt surface always lengthens the lifespan of the pavement.

Life Expectancy:

The life expectancy of the asphalt paving is just six or seven years, if you fail to do the regular preventive action. On the other hand, the life of pavement can prolong from ten to fifteen years and it can undergo maximum exposure without getting affected by it. The heavy load of traffic, water drainage, grease, petroleum and road salt are some of the factors which have adverse effect.

In short, the preventive measure like sealcoating of the asphalt paving can slow oxidation, enhance the aesthetic appeal, and stop the penetration of water and save it from deteriorating faster.