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Do You Know the Best Time to Schedule Paving Services for Distribution Centers?

Weather is an important consideration when scheduling asphalt paving services for distribution centers and other commercial businesses. Since asphalt must be placed and compacted while it is hot, it tends to work best when it’s laid during the warmer weather. That reason alone makes spring and summer one of the best times to schedule paving and asphalt maintenance services.

But it’s not the only time.

The National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) suggests that minor asphalt repairs, such as small overlays, pothole repairs and patching are best done during the warmer weather. Although cold weather is not ideal for paving, it can still be done during the off season. Large overlays can be done during the cooler temperatures but the soil or rock in which the pavement will be placed should be firm and dry.

The chart below from NAPA illustrates the effect that temperature can have on lift thickness in time available for compaction.

Paving Services for Distribution Centers
Note: This table is based on 300°F delivery temperature and 175°F final temperature. The red areas indicate temperatures where lifts of asphalt are not recommended; yellow indicates caution.

Weather the Storm with Paving Services for Distribution Centers

“Hurricane season brings a humbling reminder that, despite our technologies, most of nature remains unpredictable.” Diane Ackerman

The next few months are expected to be an above average season for hurricanes on the East Coast. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released an updated (and final) prediction for the upcoming 2017 Atlantic hurricane season calling for a 60% chance of above average activity this season.

NOAA reported, “Forecasters now say there is a 60-percent chance of an above-normal season, with 14-19 named storms and 2-5 major hurricanes… As we move into the peak of hurricane season, when hurricanes are most frequent and at their strongest, NOAA urges coastal residents to make sure they have their hurricane preparedness plans in place and to monitor the latest forecasts.”

So, as we head into the heart of hurricane season here on the East Coast, one important way businesses can prepare for this increase in wild weather activity is through preventative maintenance, such as seal coating.

How Distribution Centers Should Prepare for Hurricane Season

“To be prepared is half the victory.” Miguel de Cervantes

Like it or not, hurricane season (and *gasp* winter) is on the way. This is exactly why seal coating the pavement surrounding a distribution center and other commercial locations is a worthwhile investment to consider right now.

Before hurricane season soaks your surroundings and winter’s chilling embrace damages pavement, businesses have the chance to minimize the impacts that environmental elements, such as freezing and thawing, can have on a parking lot by seal coating it. Acting as a protective shell, seal coating has non-porous properties that deflect the effects of harsh elements on pavement and asphalt.

Plus, a renewed black finish has the chance to increase property value and extend the lifespan of your investment.

Site Work and Paving Services for Distribution Centers and Commercial Locations

At East Coast Paving, we not only offer paving services for distribution centers and other commercial locations, but also a complete package of site work including: site clearing, mass excavation, soil stabilization, utility installation (water, storm & sewer), building pad preparation, concrete curbs and walks, concrete dolly pads, loading docks and equipment pads, electrical trenching, retaining walls, retention / detention basins, site lighting, and landscaping.

Serving New Jersey, New York and Eastern Pennsylvania, the team at East Coast Paving has the vast experience, equipment and expertise to deliver high-quality work on time and on budget. For more information, please contact East Coast Paving at 732-329-3600 or info@eccompanies.com today.

Reliable Sitework Contractor For Timely Project Completion

What Is Sitework?

The sitework development consists of an array of services that are done when the building is under construction including landscaping, paving, clearing, excavation, and utility services. And this work requires someone who is experienced and skilled, so choosing sitework contractors should be done after carefully checking their qualifications.

Finding sitework development contractor in New Jersey can be a difficult task. So check out the internet and you will come upon different websites of site-work contractors. Following are some of the aspects that you to consider while hiring a construction contractor:


The site work construction if not done properly in the starting phase can cause serious issues in the future. They should be able to work on projects of both small and large scale. Go for experienced contractor who can work on number of site work services such as:

  1. Site lighting
  2. Site clearing
  3. Excavation
  4. Base grading or building pad preparation
  5. Retention of walls
  6. Retaining  or detaining basins
  7. Electrical trenching
  8. Concrete walls and curb building
  9. Concrete pads
  10. Landscaping
  11. Utility location and installing for sewer and water
  12. Storm drainage

Insured And Bonded:

The company that is insured and bonded can relieve you of any responsibility for the workers liability. Ensure that they have insurance enough to cover the medical expenses of their workers in case any unfortunate accident occurs.


The contractors should have license issued by the state. Do not hire the construction contractors who are not licensed. Check out the services of some other contractors and make a list of the potential contractors that match your criteria.

Flexible Schedule:

Your contractor should be able to work with you during a convenient time for yourself and their company. And if the locality is a heavy traffic one, then they should be willing to work off-hours for your convenience.

Make sure to set a deadline so that the site work is dragged for too long.