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Thinking Ahead. Commercial Snow Removal in NJ

The Farmers’ Almanac just released its winter 2018 forecast for New Jersey, and guess what? Like it or not, we’re going to be facing above normal precipitation for a cold and snowy winter. Chances are, unless you own a sledding business, this isn’t the best of news. But thankfully the experts at East Coast Paving know snow. And even though summer hasn’t officially ended yet, the process of evaluating companies for commercial snow removal in NJ should start long before the season even begins.

How Much Snow is Expected in New Jersey?

The 2018 edition dubbed this winter: “The cold, the dry, and the wet, and the wild.” But for the Northeast, the Farmers’ Almanac is expecting snowier-than-normal conditions. They are “red-flagging the 2018 dates of January 20-23, February 4-7 & 16-19, and March 1-3 & 20-23 along the Atlantic Seaboard for some heavy precipitation.”

Snow Removal in NJ

Evaluating Companies for Commercial Snow Removal in NJ

While some procrastinators may be staying cool at the Jersey shore, snow removal contractors have been focused on a different kind of cool. Snow.

Savvy commercial property managers know the importance of fast and professional snow removal for their properties. Since snow build-up is notorious for delays, property damage and car or pedestrian accidents that could lead to ugly lawsuits, it’s not surprising that those companies are already thinking ahead to winter needs.

So, when your ice cream finally melts and you realize it’s time to start thinking about snow removal, too, consider the following questions:

  1. What kind of service does the property require?
  2. Is the snow removal contractor prepared with the equipment necessary to handle my needs?
  3. Can the snow removal contractor protect my property with quality work and get it done on time and on budget?

Whether you’re located at a corporate campus, hospital, retail shop or hotel, keep your parking lots clear, business open and mind at ease by planning ahead.

Why Choose East Coast Paving for Commercial Snow Removal in NJ

We use superior commercial grade snow plows, pushers, loaders and ice slicers too keep your parking lots and walkways safe. Whether your business needs a one-time service or annual maintenance, we can assist you with all your snow and ice management needs.

When you work with East Coast Paving and Site Development, you’ll discover that our highly trained and seasoned staff takes great pride in providing clients with a great customer experience and are ready to handle any size of snow removal needs.

Whether it’s protecting your foot traffic around your business on a snowy New Jersey day, considering pavement reconstruction or requesting excavation services, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality work on time and on budget.

Serving New Jersey, New York and Eastern Pennsylvania, the team at East Coast Paving has the vast experience, equipment and expertise to keep your property safe all year round. For more information about commercial snow removal in NJ and surrounding areas, please contact East Coast Paving at 732-329-3600 or info@eccompanies.com today.