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underground installation of utilities in NJ

3 Benefits of Underground Installation of Utilities in NJ

Big storms and natural disasters, like Hurricane Sandy, often leave many wondering about placing overhead power lines underground. Apart from protection against the elements, underground installation of utilities in NJ has several other advantages.

The experts at East Coast Paving and Site Development have experience installing utilities of all types and sizes in New Jersey including emergency municipal repairs as well as storm and sewer construction. Ranging from new construction to repairs of existing projects, we get the job done correctly with precise craftsmanship and minimal disruption to your business.

Benefits of Underground Installation of Utilities in NJ

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of overhead power lines and underground cables.


Overhead power lines are susceptible to damage from the elements such as high winds, ice-loading, tree branches and other extreme weather conditions. They can also be vulnerable to damage from animals, such as squirrels biting through a cable.

These damages can lead to extended power outages that could take days, or even weeks, to restore. Underground installation of utilities offers protection against weather related catastrophes, mitigating inconvenient and unsafe customer outages.


In addition to reducing power outages, underground utilities are entirely out of sight, with the exception of the aboveground terminals. That means no unsightly electrical lines criss crossing over streets to your building or making loud humming noises disrupting employees or customers.


Above ground power lines can potentially emit electromagnetic fields (EMFs), invisible bands of radiation that can lead to cause leukemia and cellular or DNA damage. Underground utilities, on the other hand, are insulated by the earth, so they do not emit the same levels of EMFs.

Damaged power lines located above ground also pose a safety risk if they collapse onto a nearby building, car or even a person. Downed power lines can cause electric shock to those who venture too close.

Trust In East Coast Paving: Underground Installation of Utilities NJ

Underground installation of utilities in New Jersey not only affect your commercial property, but can affect all properties surrounding you as well. If the job is not completed correctly, local communities can potentially lose power, water, gas, electricity, etc. That’s why we follow strict protocol for every project we complete.

At East Coast Paving and Site development, we are an extremely experienced and knowledgeable excavation and utility installation company in New Jersey. With advanced technologies, such as microtrenching, we approach each project with precision and professionalism.

When it comes to installing or repairing underground utility lines, trust in our experts to get the job done safely and efficiently.

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